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If you're keen on art and interested in where artists got their inspiration, then the Hill End/Sofala region of NSW is a great place to start. Drysdale, Friend and numerous other luminaries based themselves in these towns, creating some of Australia's notable artwork. If art's not your cup of billy tea, exploring this area still has a lot to fascinate.


Sydney Heritage Fleet, the Museum that goes to Sea, relies on volunteers to restore and sail a variety of vessels from the square rigger James Craig to steam ships and smaller boats. There is a wide range of activities available for all boating enthusiasts.


For those who feel an affinity with the arts, volunteering at a gallery brings you into contact with great artwork and like-minded people, and allows you to contribute to cultural aspects of your community.


When you want a tailored exercise regimen to keep fit or resolve some physical problem, Pilates is the method you may want to try. It's a way to help resolve issues without stressing the body beyond its limits.


Stuff that’s made to be replaced rather than repaired is the bane of anyone who feels the world is filling up with trash. Well, the Bower has decided to do something about it by providing the knowledge to repair rather than replace these things. 


Family history can be a fascinating thing that'll keep you busy for years. These days it's easier than ever to research it to find out what your forebears were really like.


Volunteer organisations like Step into Work play a vital role in encouraging unemployed women to find meaningful jobs. They help them to develop the skills needed to identify the type of job they would like, prepare a resume, and be confident during an interview.


Lifeline Book Fairs raise thousands of dollars each year to help support the Lifeline Crisis Support Services. Hundreds of volunteers are needed, so if you have an interest in books and want to help out, give Lifeline a call.


All children need some help to grow into healthy and happy individuals, but those with learning difficulties or disabilities need more help from their families and the community.


Dancing is fun, and good for both physical and mental well-being. Try tap dancing, jazz or other genres. Forge new friendships on the dance floor.


Yoga has something to offer everyone of all ages. When tailored to the needs of the individual, it can provide exercise, a calming effect and a way to cope with everyday challenges.


Outdoor opportunities abound with Conservation Volunteers Australia. You can not only get your hands dirty removing weeds and replanting natives in the bush, but can also get involved spotlighting wildlife at night and doing wildlife counts.


Spending time caring for wild animals or helping visitors understand a bit about their origin and environment can be a great way to enjoy retirement. Zoos across Australia rely on volunteers to keep both animals and visitors happy.


Bushcare provides an opportunity to garden on a grand scale. People all over the country enjoy the outdoors and bushland settings while making a significant contribution to conserving Australia's native flora.


Meals on Wheels is far more than a food delivery service; it’s all about people in the community coming together to help others. It’s a remarkable organisation enabling people to remain in their homes longer while maintaining a good quality of life.


When the backyard shed has gone but the urge to make something remains, there's no better place to go than the Men's Shed. Contact with like-minded people who are happy to help with challenging projects makes this organisation ideal for men feeling the loss of their beloved backyard hideaway.


Bees are fascinating little insects with a work ethic like no other. They strive to make the hive as ideal and productive as they can, even though their lives can be as short as 3 weeks. If you like honey, find out more about producing your own.

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Artists' workshops can be a sanctuary in a hectic world. Painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and many other activities can be found in community arts centres across the country.


Exotic and unusual plants are among the many attractions of volunteering in a botanic gardens. Whether your interest is in propagation, guiding, archiving or visitor information, there are plenty of opportunities to suit everyone.


Tennis caters for all levels of players from professional down to the "hit and giggle" brigade, so there's no reason to think it's beyond you. Clubs and tennis groups are always looking for new members. Why not give it a go and get amongst the action.


As the saying goes, "If you've got something to say, say it!". Many retirees put their free time to use by demonstrating about things that matter to them. Whether political issues, road building or removing things they think are important, retirees are encouraged to have their say and march in the streets if necessary.


The SES is an organisation made up almost entirely of volunteers that's devoted to saving lives and property in the aftermath of storms and floods.


Involvement in local theatre productions offers a great way to be part of the community while making new friends and having fun. If you've ever fancied being on stage or working behind the scenes, local productions could be a good place to start.


Guide dogs need the care of volunteers for the first year of their lives. They are then returned to the Guide Dogs organisation for special training. The puppies evolve from exuberant little animals to responsible companions for those with limited or no sight.


ORRCA volunteers are trained to help whales, dolphins and seals whenever they're beached or caught in nets and fishing lines. It can be a daunting task but when a rescue is successful, there's a fantastic feeling of achievement.


Singing is good for the soul ... and the body. Whether it's in the bath, a band or a choir, singing makes you feel good and helps relieve the problems brought on by modern living. Choral singing, in particular, brings benefits of friendship and a feeling of accomplishment when creating a sound that's harmonious. 


Wildlife is diminishing because of the encroachment of mankind, so whenever there's a chance to save an animal that's been injured, WIRES volunteers rescue it.


There are plenty of issues around the world and in Australia that make you want to throw a slipper at the telly but that won't do a lot of good for you or the telly. There's a better way. Get involved with an organisation like Amnesty International,


What better way to spend your free time than to volunteer at your local hospital. Volunteers contribute their time to raise money for extra equipment, and to provide the comfort of a smiling face during ward rounds with their shopping trolleys.


We set out to find the reasons for, and ways to avoid, the “come-down” after retirement.


Seafarers spend most of their time at sea transporting goods across the globe, but every so often they have a few hours to spend in ports far from their homes. Volunteers at the Mission to Seafarers help them make the most of those precious hours by bringing them to the city, changing money and facilitating an enjoyable time ashore.

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